Financial Solutions

Capital Fund International

CFI offers a myriad of lending solutions including corporate financing and commercial equipment loans service globally for our customers. We have a team of experienced business credit team who knows how to design and develop customized financing services online to fulfill the unique requirements of different individuals and businesses. Our credit facilities are highly flexible. Companies with moderate income and revenues can also contact us. Our global financial solutions and indices serve a wide spectrum of business sectors including the service industry, retail industry, wholesale industry and manufacturing industry. The funding size of CFI ranges between 1million US dollars to one billion US dollars and more.

With our understanding of different dynamic challenges, we perfectly blend our experience, expertise and creativity to make our financial solutions unique and exceptional. As one of most reliable and renowned corporate financing services online, we have the capability and flexibility. We foster our committed bespoke financial solutions to meet all types of business requirements on time irrespective of your loan and nature of business.

Corporate Financing Services

Corporate Financing Services Online

For all corporate companies which would like to optimize liquidity, corporate financing is a very important aspect. Most businesses want to be associated with a lending partner who takes care of their needs and proper understanding about the industry. We customize our solutions based on the unique needs of each client to assist them in accomplishing goals. Small, medium as well as large businesses can contact us for any type of lending service including commercial equipment loans service. The credibility and reputation of Capital Fund International as one of the corporate financing solution provider stands second to none.

Equipment Financing

Commercial Business Equipment Financing Services

Capital Fund International offers various types of financial services including commercial equipment loans service and equipment leasing to meet the varying needs of different types of businesses. We don’t confine our focus to any particular industry or sector. Any type of business can contact us for most reliable commercial equipment loans service. No matter whether you want to have asset monetization, depreciation optimization or monthly payments reduction; we have got your needs covered. CFI is committed to strengthening your bottom line and fulfilling all your financial needs to solidify your business presence. You can find our services highly flexible and customizable.

Energy Financing & Investing

Energy Financing & Investing

Meeting the world’s energy needs takes expertise, capital and innovation. That’s why we are investing with a long-term view, globally across the capital and energy spectrum. We’ve committed approximately $21 billion for energy assets, diversifying across renewable energy, thermal power, oil and gas reserves and infrastructure and offer structured, common and second and third stage equity and debt.

Retail Credit Financing

Capital fund international retail financing

Capital Fund International provides a wide spectrum of high quality financial solutions all around the world. The goods flow from manufacturer to dealer is funded efficiently with our asset-oriented and inventory financing services. We also offer loans through installments and credit cards through retailers, businesses and dealers.

Aviation Financing
capital fund international aviation financing

If you want to run your aviation business successfully, you need to ensure constant fund flow. When you are looking for a financial partner, you must focus on hiring one who is familiar with this industry. Our track record as a finance service provider dates back to our investment in the first U.S. jet engine. Capital Fund International is an experienced player with valuable experience. We offer our services in all continents and you can expect unparalleled aircraft and engine lending and leasing services that meet your unique needs.

Healthcare Financing
Public Health Care Financing Services

Are you searching for a trusted company that offers high quality and reliable public healthcare financing services? Look no farther than Capital Fund International. We provide the best solutions in a cost effective way. Our industry expertise makes us equipped to deliver what exactly each customer needs. Capital Fund International is one of the most renowned and established healthcare industry financial service providers in the world. Various sectors including medical services, hospitals and old age homes are making use of our financial solutions. 

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial Real-Estate Financing Service

Capital Fund International offer financing for real estate financing, which also includes purchase of land, building of new facilities, parking lots, and others. We will want to see that you have the equity and the right development plan for your project. You can expect the most reliable and efficient services which promote growth and sustainability in the best way possible. We have been operating in the commercial real-estate financing service industry for many years. At present, our current debt and equity services are accessible to people living in Asia- Pacific, Europe and South and North America. We follow ethical practices and our exclusive perspective is highly appreciated by large number of customers. When you contact us for commercial real-estate financing service, we take care of your needs in a responsible and friendly way. Our experience, expertise and knowledge are clearly reflected in every transaction.