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…Providing Lending Platform, Dynamic Financial Services and Solutions to meet Your Very specific financial needs. We are the pacesetter. We set the pace, we break the record, and we surpass it for our clients.

Quick and Easy Secured Business Loan

About Us

We, Capital Fund International are a Global financial change agent that serves your need through Small Business Loans Online. With our Team and global expertise we create and offer flexible solutions and platforms; lending, funding, ranging from 1 million to 1 billion USD/EUR and above, for any kind of financial need including Start Up Loans with Bad Credit.

Long Term International Finance Investment Management Company

As a finance investment management company of high reputation, Capital Fund International has provided funding to our clients by partnering with some of the largest financial institutions and professional service providers and offer Bank Loan For Private Limited Company. We have and still helping our clients to obtain financial commitments with the Best Online Business Loans, Bank Guarantees (BGs), Letters of Credit (LCs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs), so businesses can build and grow their operations and consumers can build their financial futures. You are simply at the right place! 100% of our very own client have been served and satisfied with attestations of their Projects, Industries, Corporations and Businesses springing forth all over the globe as we have served their very own present and future needs by offering Quick And Easy Loans For Business. Over the years we have come up as a Quick Finance Loan Company to understand financial intricacies that have helped to foster financial solutions in various business segments globally, and we have become a global force to be reckoned with due to our services, solutions, and care and provide Fast Secured Business Loans.

Our Mission and Vision

To deliver skilled and high quality bespoke, resourceful and innovative financial services to our clients for the completion of financial structures, absolutely conducive to the funding of projects in different sectors, globally.

The basis for how we have always achieved 100% success, interact with each other, do business with our partners, serve our clients, and globalize our services, are: Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, Perseverance and Competitiveness.


Either seeking successfully funding for your day-to-day Business with a line of credit, or you require a more complex financing solution to meet a long-term goals, Capital Fund International Limited has both the comprehensive suite of credit and financing solutions and the specialized expertise to meet your Specific Business or Industrial Needs.

Choose from our Bank Guarantees or Standby Letter of Credits to help you with everything from seasonal purchases to major Project Financing.

With our Working Capital Lines of Credit, you will get the cash flow you need to support your daily operations. We have got a Loan or Line of Credit that can help take your business to the next level to meet your immediate, seasonal and ongoing working capital needs.


With our Professional Business Credit team, we offer a wide range lending platform globally to meet your specific needs thereby providing flexible credit facilities to individuals and companies having moderate revenues. Our global financial solutions and indices service a broad range of industries in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service sectors. Our typical transaction funding size ranges from $1 million to $1 billion and above.

With our understanding of different dynamic challenges, we bring both industry expertise and creative insights into our financing solution. As one of the World’s top Finance and Capital Company, we have the scale and breadth of services to meet almost any challenge you may have thereby fostering our committed bespoke financial solutions to your business needs on time and wherever you are located globally.

Our Policy

We are 100% committed to providing exceptional and flexible lending and financial services with the aim of continually surpassing our stakeholders’ expectations. 

Over 23 years of global lending platform and financial services experience, we have always surpassed our targets, expectations by benchmarking our policies through research and management professionalism to meet with the most effective and present day financial tools.

We are continually improving the quality management system to ensure the effectiveness and maximum efficiency of our processes.

Monitoring, Benchmarking and Continually improving our Products, Services and qualitative Employees’ performance.

Creating quality awareness within our organization.

Continually Creating conducive environment for innovative ideas.

Implementing a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of International Best Standards.

Global Chief Finance Office
Capital fund international Limited 

Finance Investment Management Company

Our Clients

Capital Fund International Limited expertise spans far and wide the globe as we are proud to have funded various clients from very continent. We have been providing financing for the acquisition or refinance of stabilized and transitional businesses and portfolios across North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

We are 100% committed to fostering long term relationships with our borrowers, brokers, and investors and offer a range of products to meet your very financial needs through providing long-lasting financial solutions that help companies, businesses, firms, and individuals thrive and grow.

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